Gaming with friends, a love-hate relationship


Sam Boyd

Video games, especially games with multiplayer capabilities like Call of Duty or Halo are a fixture in the lives of many. But what happens when you get your very good friends to play games with you that require you to rely on them? Nine out of 10 times it ends in frustration. But that makes the games more interesting and fun as you bond and break off ties with close friends. Here are some games that make us question why we are friends in the first place:

This Swedish indie game is simply about mining, farming and building houses. It sounds stupid and arguably, it is. But there is something about getting a couple of friends in a server that makes this game interesting. Once in the possession of diamond, one of the most rare and precious materials in the virtual world, you have to make the big decision of who to trust. It isn’t a part of the game, but it makes this unrealistic looking game seem a bit more real. Almost unintentionally, Mojang, the creator company, made a game that makes you question the power of wealth, in this case, with iron and diamond. Friends in this game can either be your greatest ally or greatest enemy. Either way it is a fun game to kill time. Or your friends. Deep Silver aimed to create a fun zombie survival game. Sure the game is buggy and prone to random shut downs, but it is enjoyable. You can choose to play between four characters each with different skills. After you pick that character your friend can choose to pick the same guy. The game focuses on melee combat and is a race to take the most loot and money. Oh, and steal a samurai sword whenever you see one. The one negative of the game is that public matches are prone to hackers, who can defeat the challenge of a game. This is a game that is fun to play with friends just because friends can fight off the hordes of zombies and do the bulk of the work against bosses while you look in boxes in the sewers for energy drinks. The strong point about this game is that you can wear outrageous outfits and make ridiculous weapons out of hand grenades and toy footballs. And what is better than wearing onesie pajamas with your best friend? Well maybe there are one or two things. The second game takes place in a mall, much like in the film “Dawn of the Dead” except with way more zombies. The third game attempted to be a zombie version of Grand Theft Auto V and was a bit of a let-down depending on who you ask. Whether you like it or not, the game needs to be praised for its blend of comedy and gore, with its use of funny villains and grotesque “special kills” that boost your Prestige Points (PP). Nothing makes this game better than trying to out-kill your friend or come up with the most outrageous outfit. You pretty much have to have a friend to play this platform/puzzle game. Two heads are better than one, right? This ridiculously frustrating game is the result of the success of the Half-Life series and the original Portal, which has continuing add-ons and mods. The game is very darkly humorous as you are mocked by a computer for your stupidity. Also, depending on who your friend is, you might get mocked by your teammate as he waits for you to see the big picture of the map. From the creators of the Portal and Half-Life series, these two games recount the different stories of groups of four survivors (each have different protagonists) in a zombie apocalypse. The second game has a humorous element to it, making it the more popular of the two. Up to four people can play at a time and honestly you need every spot filled because the computer-controlled characters are borderline incompetent. Many players resort to killing them in the first minutes of the game in order to avoid having to continuously save them, as they lag behind and get eaten alive. You need friends to complete the games because special zombies, like Jockeys and Tanks, can be a real hassle to take down alone, especially when they are riding you or crushing you into the ground.]