What to do with old clothes in the closet

What to do with old clothes in the closet

As warmer weather starts rolling in, new, eye catching  clothing is out at the mall; yet closets are still full of clothes that are out of style or don’t fit. Here’s what should be done with all those extra clothes:

1.Donate older clothes to others.

CCA Resale, Goodwill and The Salvation Army are all places that accept gently used clothing and sell them at a cheaper price to people that can’t afford it.

Locations Nearby:

CCA Resale: Carrollton, Lewisville, the Colony and Flower Mound.

Goodwill: Carrollton and Plano.

Salvation Army: Plano

2. Take clothes to places that buy them from you.

Plato’s Closet will pay money for clothes brought in for re-sale. The amount received in return is based on the condition, age and brand of the clothing item. You can also receive more money in return if you accept store credit. The nearest locations are in Plano, Frisco and Carrollton.

3. Turn old clothes into something else

As growth spurts continue, certain clothes just don’t fit anymore. Instead of throwing them out, make a different clothing item out of them or something completely different altogether.

a)     Turn jeans that are too short into shorts. Cut off the jeans into your desired length (adding 2 inches for hem space), sew a hem.

b)     Too many t-shirts and not enough tanks? There are many ways to make this transformation, from easy snips, to complex stitches. For starters, cut off the sleeves, wear and enjoy the sun.

When getting rid of old clothes, the key is to have fun. Make sure to clear out enough space to fit new clothes in your closet, but also have a variety and use old clothes to make something new.