How to Get Rid of a Cold


Flu season has just arrived, bringing satanic waves of sickness with it. Here’s a compilation of how to rid of the noxious colds that plague us high schoolers.

1.  Grandma’s Soup 

Yes, the legendary Grandma’s Soup. Warm chicken broth, yummy veggies, and lots of love — this soup is basically the remedy to all of life’s problems.

2.  Tons of Water

The body needs as much water as possible to heal up. If you have a postnasal drip, you’ll also be losing a lot of it. You need to replenish as soon as possible.

3.  Skip a Day

You’d be surprised how much good a day of rest can get you. I know that test is waiting for you tomorrow, but you’re going to suck at it if you’re sick.

4.  Steamy Showers

This is your excuse to dry out your skin. Take hot showers to let the steam unblock the sinuses and let the locked vault of snot leak its way down.

5.  Lozenges

Honestly, just keep a few in your bag. At the slightest feel of a sore throat, take one to prevent it from getting worse.

6.  Salt Water

Gargling this nasty stuff can really fix a sore throat if the lozenges won’t do the trick.

7.  Pain Reliever

A muscle relaxant like acetaminophen, more commonly known as Tylenol, will relieve any muscle aches, minor pains and fever.