Here’s the scoop for Andy’s Custard


Move over, Shakes, there’s another custard shop in town.

Andy’s Custard, a Midwest custard chain, opened Apr.13th. The day before, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., the store gave out free custard to give the public a taste. It was absolutely packed, with the line going around the whole store. I visited on the 13th after school around 4 p.m. and the line was still long. While waiting, I listened to the jazzy music playing from the overhead speakers, observed the exterior, and was pretty impressed. Everything was easily accessible and the design of the building was very retro. One thing that was a little odd was how the drive-through wrapped around the entire building. In order to get to the ordering line you have to cut across the drive-through line – a little bit dangerous, but still manageable.

I eventually arrived at the window after about 15 minutes of waiting. I had my order taken by a Hebron student and when I peeked inside, there were more Hebron students making the orders. Even though they were students, their etiquette was impeccable. The guy that took my order was very polite and positive, which was awesome. I ordered a small Choc-O-Rocko for the reasonable price of $4.74. After placing my order, I waited for about five minutes off to the side with a few other people that had ordered before me.

When I finally got my ice cream, my heart melted faster than it did. It was delicious. The Choc-O-Rocko, according to their menu is “chocolate frozen custard blended with roasted almonds and marshmallow creme.” But no. It was so much more. It was thick, creamy and absolutely scrumptious. I was worried at first that it would have a sugary aftertaste and I’d need a lot of water to get rid of it, but I was wrong. It had no aftertaste except that of yummy chocolate. The custard was very easy to eat too since it was similar to soft serve ice cream.

I had originally gone into Andy’s thinking that it was overhyped, but the custard I ate destroyed that assumption. Although the line was long, I would absolutely go again. Heck, I would do anything for another taste of that frozen chocolatey goodness.


  • The custard is delicious.
  • Service is polite.
  • Atmosphere is jazzy and snazzy.


  • The lines are long- both for the drive-through and the ordering line.
  • The ice cream does take a few minutes to be prepared.