Staff Playlist: l’automne

As we approach the ‘cozier’ time of the year, it is time to get into the autumn and Halloween spirit with this playlist curated by the staff.

Aparnna Manoj, Reporter

I chose the song “Dollhouse” by Melanie Martinez because of the eerie vibe it gives. They talk about having doll faces, which could represent the costumes from Halloween. It also reminds me of the trick-or-treating aspect of the holiday. The kids who play with the dollhouse stay outside, just like the ones who trick-or-treat. They both don’t know what’s going on inside the house. Speaking along the lines of Halloween, “This is Halloween” from “The Nightmare Before Christmas” is a classic with the same spooky  vibe to it.

Yusra Waris, News Editor

I chose “Nightingale” and “Two Pieces” because I remembered it was around this time of year when I was begging my dad to buy me the Demi Lovato album and that was all I listened to. Whenever I listen to ‘Two Pieces’ or ‘Nightingale,’ I always visualize being in the woods among the colored leaves and I can just picture Demi in a cozy log cabin writing her songs. I also chose “They Just Don’t Know You” because to me, Little Mix in this album had sort of a fall feel. Some of the violin in this song has a dark, Halloween-feel. The picture of their album, the four of them sitting on a couch with a sort of dark sky in the background, also contributes to the fall theme as well.

Megan Oosthuizen, Editor-in-Chief  

Now, this isn’t the music I normally listen to but I just fell in love with this song “Big Black Car.” Its slow instrumental beat combined with its melancholy lyrics just makes me want to cocoon myself in some blankets and contemplate life. Which, in my opinion, is the perfect fall activity. Aside from pumpkin everything, I picture fall as a moody, dark day. So what song is better to fit a moody, dark day than a moody, dark song? “Pyro” is that song for me.

Shalu Kattuvelil, Reporter  

I chose “Choke” by OneRepublic and “Silhouette” by Aquilo. These songs fit the fall season for me because they’re the type of songs you would listen to with headphones in and wrapped in cozy blankets. They both have mellow beats and are slow songs, which is perfect for the fall season.

Shreya Rao, Reporter

I chose “Head Over Heels” because it is a very nostalgic song. My dad was the one who introduced me to 80s music and listening to this song reminds me of being with my dad. I also love the feeling I get when I listen to this song in the dark driving around. “Killer Queen” is from Queen, one of my all-time favorite bands. I love their unique style of music and therefore wanted to include one of their songs. This song also gave off a Halloween vibe that fits perfect for this playlist.

Harper Lee, Reporter

I chose “Can’t Stop The Feeling” by Justin Timberlake because it’s a song that really makes me want to dance, and it really helps me feel less tired in the mornings. “Wake Me Up When September Ends” is a favorite of mine because I love Green Day. This song is good to listen to if you’re feeling sad during fall.

Syeda Rizvi, Entertainment Editor

“Thriller” is a classic Halloween song and if it wasn’t on the playlist, the playlist wouldn’t be a fall one. I think of it as a tribute to the king of pop when people all over the globe play his songs, specifically this one on Halloween. “Fresh Eyes” is just super calming and an easy song to sing along to. I didn’t like Andy Grammer’s last song because it was kind of abrasive but if he makes more songs like this, I’ll be a fan. This song just has a chill, soothing vibe that I think is perfect for fall and chilly nights.

Tatiana Calzado, Opinion Editor

I chose “La Vie en Rose” because it’s very subtle and gives you a calming and tranquil feeling that reminds me of fall. I also chose “Fire and Rain” by Birdy because it’s a cute little love song that gives off a nice autumn vibe.