The New Horror

An insight on Get Out


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I hate horror movies as much as the next person. Not only because everything scares me, but because there’s nothing new in the horror genre: just the same ghosts, exorcisms and paranormal activities.

After seeing the trailer for Get Out, I realized that this isn’t your normal horror movie; because of its fresh, new actors and sharp satire that makes the movie intriguing. This fascinating thriller left me shocked and hands down could be the best movie of 2017, maybe even worthy of an Oscar nomination.

Directed by Jordan Peele, this movie showcases the horrors of race when Rose (Allison Williams) invites her black boyfriend, Chris (Daniel Kaluuya), to a weekend getaway with her parents in the suburbs. Although Chris is wary of how Rose’s parents will react to his race, he agrees to go. While visiting, Chris notices how the only black people around are the one’s who work for the other residents. He also experiences bizarre behaviors from everyone he meets, concluding that Rose’s mom, the hypnotist, has been messing with his mind. Throughout the movie, Chris battles with his own anxiety and fear, realizing that not everything is as it seems, and the people close to you might just be your worst nightmares.

Peele did an amazing job at executing a twisted, satirical horror movie with racial dynamics which left the audience speechless. For some, it might be crossing a line due to the issues presented in the film, but it’s a topic that should be spoken about especially at this time in society. The movie is intense and chilling exposing the reality of African Americans, but the few comedic scenes give you a little room to breathe.

Overall, the movie was very impressive and the plot was phenomenal with the strong racial issues presented. The end was definitely my favorite part with the shocking end and the way Kaluuya acted after finding out the truth about his girlfriend. He was able to act through his emotions and really bring the story alive, bringing the audience along his anxiety and fearful experience.  With major plot twists and a controversial topics, it’s a must watch for facing the truth of the society we live in.