P!nk brings back intriguing vocals with “Beautiful Trauma”


Photo via RCA records

P!nk released her seventh studio album “Beautiful Trauma” on Oct. 13, almost five years after her last release, “The Truth About Love.” P!nk’s success, following her last release, left fans with high expectations for the new album. She met those expectations with energetic, upbeat and catchy tracks.

The album opens with the title track, “Beautiful Trauma,” a song that begins with a soft melody but soon picks up with an upbeat chorus, similar to one of P!nk’s classic songs “Just Give Me a Reason.” The album follows with tracks “Whatever You Want” and “What About Us” which are up to par with P!nk’s songs from her previous album “The Truth About Love” because of her continuously swooping and effortless vocals.

P!nk brings more to the table with slow paced piano ballads throughout the album. With her soothing vocals, “But We Lost It,” “I Am Here” and “For Now” left me wanting more. It’s impressive to see P!nk’s versatility in different upbeat and slow beat songs.

P!nk closes her album with two of my favorite tracks, “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken,” a beautiful song with a powerful message for women and “You Get My Love,” which is the most impressive song on the album because it showcases all of P!nk’s best strengths musically and lyrically.

P!nk’s “Beautiful Trauma” is admirable because of its messages of finding individuality and fighting for what you believe in. “Beautiful Trauma” represents P!nk’s role as a feminist and her attitude of not holding anything back in her lyrics

Overall, “Beautiful Trauma” will impress listeners who want music similar to P!nk’s previous albums and continues to show her vocals and is impressive, if not better, than her last record.