A year after Trump’s inauguration


Photo by Yusra Waris

Yusra Waris, Editor-in-Chief

A year after taking office, president Donald Trump has incited change in the nation’s economy and foreign relations; however, according to junior Grant Shamblin, who supported Trump in last year’s election, Trump has not made the progress he expected of him.


Question: For what reasons did you support Donald Trump in the election last year? Why do you think he won?

Answer: I mainly supported him for economic reasons, like his tax plan would be a major improvement on the current tax code. I think there are a lot of reasons why he won; the biggest reason was because he had a better campaign strategy than Hillary Clinton when it [came] to certain key turning point states. I also thought people didn’t want Hillary in office because of all the criminal allegations toward her.


Q: What expectations did you hold for Trump’s presidency?

A: I wasn’t entirely sure because he is kind of unpredictable, but I was honestly hoping he would get more done than he already has. We haven’t seen a lot of laws passed to help repeal and replace Obamacare or to change the tax code, so I honestly thought it would be a lot further along than it is right now.


Q: How has he met your expectations? What do you hope he did differently?

A: He has done good things for the economy. We’ve seen a lot of increases in the stock market [and] we’ve seen a lot of increases in employment. I feel like he could have done better in handling certain radical groups, such as the alt-right and antifa, [and] felt like he needed to condemn them, [whereas] he was kind of beating around the bushes as far as I was concerned, especially with the Charlottesville attacks.


Q: How do you feel he has been handling foreign affairs?

A: I feel like he could’ve done better with Puerto Rico, but I feel like he’s done very well in some other areas like dealing with ISIS, when he launched the attack on the ISIS base. I feel like that was a pretty good move on his part because it resulted in no civilian deaths, which was very good. I honestly think he is doing more harm than good with North Korea. I feel like calling Kim Jong Un ‘short and fat’ is not exactly the best way to go; he needs to make clear that we are a strong nation that doesn’t want to be pushed around by North Korea, instead of just poking the bear.


Q: How do you feel he has been handling the economy?

A: I feel like he needs to do more on his part to work towards to repealing and replacing Obamacare. I don’t feel like he has done enough to prompt congress in the right direction as far I’m concerned. Obviously, the current Obamacare system is very harmful toward healthcare services, so I think the best way to do that is to provide a very basic level of healthcare for all families, such as emergency room visits, but everything else should be left to private insurance agencies without government interventions.


Q: What do you think Trump has accomplished that no other candidate would be able to accomplish?

A: I honestly felt like the other candidates for president were a bit too hesitant to speak out about certain issues, which might not have led to actual things being accomplished, because they were afraid of receiving negative backlash. But I feel Donald Trump has done well in not caring what other people think about his policies and just going ahead with them despite possible backlash.


Q: What do you think would happen if Clinton was president?

A: I feel like our economy would be a lot worse because she sought to increase taxes on certain groups and we probably would have a lot of the same problems with ISIS and the Middle East as we had before Trump got elected and would be rapidly growing. There [would be] a lot of government corruption because she has a lot of allegations against her, for example, her email scandal and more recently selling uranium to Russia to support the Clinton foundation.


Q: Why did you think Hillary Clinton was an inefficient candidate?

A: She was arrogant and she didn’t do enough to campaign in states that would’ve been key turning points for the election. I feel like calling Trump’s supporters ‘a basket of deplorables’ was not the best move and just overall, she has a lot of logical inconsistencies when it comes to her own beliefs. I believe that was pretty bad for her support from Independents when she frequently goes back and forth on political issues.


Q: Do you think Trump will be able to meet the rest of your expectations? Why do you think that?

A: I feel like he will be able to [meet the rest of my expectations]. He is getting support for his tax plans and other propositions he is passing. He has some bipartisan support for his tax plans which I think is a good sign, and since the tax plan under the Obama administration has done a lot of harm toward businesses, [and] it has a lot of support from those people.