Playlist: Hits for the Heart

With Valentine’s Day today, many are rushing to give their Valentine’s day gifts or are executing the perfect date night. With all the lovely commotion going around, here are some romantic tunes to match:

  1. “All of Me” – John Legend
    • This classic love song represents true love at its finest. The song showcases the love Legend has for his wife, Chrissy Teigen. I think it’s a perfect song for Valentine’s Day.
  2. “Put Your Head On My Shoulder” – Paul Anka
    • If you like the oldies like me, then this is the perfect song for you. With a simple track paired with Paul Anka’s bold vocals, the song represents a old timey desire for love.
  3. “L’etang” – Blossom Dearie
    • Although the song is in French, the meaning roughly translates to a woman sitting in the night dreaming and observing the night. Although the meaning may not be romantic, Dearie’s voice and French accent makes up for it.
  4. “Tee Shirt” – Birdy
    • Giving off a youthful feeling, this song combines cute lyrics with simple guitar music. The song was played in “The Fault in Our Stars,” which helps set a childhood love feel.
  5. “I Care About You” – DLJ
    • For anyone who likes Lo-Fi, or someone who just wants an instrumental, this is the track for you. The trumpet and the soft beats match well together to give you a calming and maybe romantic environment.
  6. “Banana Pancakes” – Jack Johnson
    • I first heard this song when I was in sixth grade. With a mellow tune, this song matches the same mood as “Sunday Morning” by Maroon 5, one of my favorites. The simple strumming of the ukulele makes way for a calm environment, much like Jack Johnson’s other songs.  
  7. “The End of All Things” – Panic! At The Disco
    • This song is a change from the fast paced theme Panic! usually goes with. The music does most of the work throughout the song, which is paired with vocals that are almost retro.
  8. “One and Only” – Adele
    • When thinking of Adele, the one word that comes to my mind is “romance.” Part of her second album, “21,” this song represents a woman daring the person she loves to give her a chance at proving herself in a relationship. I think it’s both sassy and heartfelt, and having Adele’s vocals combined with it makes it all the better.
  9. “Little Things” – One Direction
    • This One Direction song is a childhood favorite, before the band split and broke its fans’ hearts. This song is just a sweet ode that showcases love and innocence.
  10. “How Would You Feel” – Ed Sheeran
    • The slow music and Ed’s voice provides the listener with a soothing feeling. His songs usually are a mix between upbeat and slow songs. Although this is the song I chose, his album “Divide” includes many good love songs for Valentine’s Day.
  11.  “Sunday Morning” – Maroon 5
    • Capturing the feeling of a perfect lazy Sunday morning, this song is both romantic and playful. Being a Maroon 5 fan, this is always a nice change from their normal fast paced music.
  12. “Death of a Bachelor” – Panic! At The Disco
    • This song is an all-time favorite of mine. It reflects a man’s transition into a married life — the death of a bachelor. Although not too romantic, this song gives off a cool vibe.

On the opposite spectrum, Valentine’s Day can be a lonely time for those without a date. Whether you’re one who wants to tune into their feelings, or if you’re genuinely going through a hard time, the following songs will give you some tunes to relate to:

  1. “Told You So” – Little Mix
    • Although I’m not a huge Little Mix fan, I’ve heard a few of its songs — mostly fast and sassy. This song was a cool change from that generalized viewpoint of them. Focusing more on helping a friend heal, the girl group added a calm and soothing touch, rather than giving their usual sass.
  2. “Me and My Broken Heart” – Rixton
    • This song was a hit years ago, capturing an angsty teen heartbreak. The singer’s lyrics progress through a broken relationship, while he repeats that he has a broken heart. For anyone suffering through love failures, this song is perfect to get out any lasting emotions.
  3. “Breakeven” – The Script
    • This song reflects on a broken relationship and, as the title reflects, the heart doesn’t break even. The main message of the song is that one person will love the other more, which I think is dependent on each relationship. Overall the song gives off a sad tone.
  4. “Stone Cold” – Demi Lovato
    • Demi’s bold voice builds up as the song continues. A lot of emotions (anger to calm) resonate throughout the song, showing the healing process of a broken heart.
  5. “Before He Cheats” – Carrie Underwood
    • This song creates a hostile environment in the perspective of a girl that just got cheated on. Although I can’t relate to the situation, the song always gives me a random adrenaline rush when listening to it.
  6. “Back to Black” – Amy Winehouse
    • With music that sounds like it’s from a spy movie, Winehouse sets a sassy tone for her ex lover. After saying goodbye, each go their separate ways — her ex to another lover and Winehouse going back to a clean but sad slate. This song is good for a heart not ready to dive into the sadness of being left alone.
  7. “A Year Without Rain” – Selena Gomez
    • For the current generation, Gomez’s old songs have become classic pre-teen jams — much like this one. This song is perfect for people who are struggling to share their feelings with their loved ones.