My Experience with Quarantine


Reading is an easy way to relax and escape during social distancing. Some of my favorite books I’ve reading during quarantine are Pirate Latitudes, The Ruins and Dragon Teeth.

I’m not going to lie: quarantine is a drag. But, I’m going to list off everything I have done so far to lower my boredom levels. For this list I’m going to name and explain all the things I have done on a daily basis.

First, I usually procrastinate a lot, so I end up doing my schoolwork throughout the entire week and weekend. Currently, my school work includes Newspaper, AP Humanities [U.S. History and English 3, Pre-AP Physics and soccer. The school has found new materials in order to keep us busy, because, before quarantine I don’t really remember having to do this kind of work, at least for some classes. I feel like school has completely changed during the transition between real school and online school due to the fact that we are no longer able to see our classmates and teachers on a daily routine.

Second, my workout routine has become much more vigorous while in quarantine. For example, instead of running two miles, I’ll run five to six miles, and I’ll also run much more often. I am also doing other things such as core, and I changed my core routine to 200 situps and three sets of two minute planks a day. Before, I was doing around 100 situps and no planks. Whenever I want to do an arm workout, I will usually do three sets of 20 pull-ups, 50-75 push-ups (depending on the day) and yard work. Personally, this quarantine has given me the opportunity to really focus on what type of shape I want to be in for next year’s soccer season.

Finally, in the free time that I give myself, I will usually play video games with my friends. We have begun doing longer missions due to being stuck inside all day with nothing else to do. While I have begun trying new free games and playing them in an attempt to cure my boredom, this usually only happens when my friends choose not to play the same game. I feel as if quarantine has caused me to lose connections with many of my friends, but, getting to play games with them and talk has definitely helped a lot. 

Something I  have learned about myself while being quarantined is that I do the same things over and over again when I’m stuck at my house. I digress, I don’t think quarantine will change much, because many people, including me, are extremely eager to get back to their normal lives and be able to do all the things they did before quarantine. Although, these activities did help me deal with the ongoing quarantine order. I believe that this quarantine showed us just how badly we needed friends and physical interaction.