Orchestra to perform cluster concert Oct. 14


Photo by Hyunsol Lim

Karis Moon, a junior chamber orchestra student, practices her cello during third period. The chamber students prepare for the cluster concert on Oct. 14 by practicing the songs they will perform.

Orchestra will hold its annual cluster concert on Oct. 14 at 7:00 p.m. in the gym. Students from feeder middle schools, Arbor Creek, Creek Valley and Killian, will perform alongside the Hebron orchestra. Senior Audrey Park, who attended Killian Middle School, said the cluster concert encouraged her to join Hebron orchestra.  

“I remember [the cluster concert] being one of the biggest concerts our middle school orchestra played at,” Park said. “I was really impressed by the music that the Hebron chamber orchestra played at that time, and I think the cluster concert is a fun way to get middle schoolers to commit to the orchestra in high school.” 

The cluster concert will be the orchestra’s first big performance of the year, and it is free for anyone to attend. Director Matthew Cautivar said the concert will be high-energy and engaging with fun songs.

We call it the orchestra pep rally because we do a lot of the regular pep rally traditions, such as performing the national anthem and the school alma mater,” Cautivar said. “We have a lot of fun surprises planned that you won’t ever see at a typical pep rally or orchestra concert.” 

The cluster concert allows middle school orchestra students to learn more about high school orchestra. Cautivar said it is also a great way for high school students to reflect on their musical journey throughout their middle and high school years.

I’m most excited for seeing everyone together again as a giant orchestra program [after COVID-19],” Cautivar said. “I’m excited to see our beginners start their musical journey and I want to see how far they can go in seven very fast years.”