Helping students rejoice with Intellichoice

Through Intellichoice, students tutor underprivileged children.


Hyunsol Lim

Elena Hong, a junior, begins to plan what she will be tutoring children in during her weekly Saturday sessions.

Intellichoice is a non-profit organization established in Dallas that supports a community of volunteers who provide free math tutoring to students in Texas. The organization provides a variety of academic support services, including on-site tutoring, online math tutoring and a summer SAT prep camp. The Hebron Intellichoice chapter was started by senior President Edwin Philip. 

“[Volunteers] just have to be willing to take the time out of [their] day and work with a kid for two hours on a Saturday,” Philip said. “All you really have to do is be willing to tutor kids. We’re going to be accepting new volunteers into [Intellichoice], and you can register with us to tutor kids.” 

Students who are interested in tutoring underprivileged kids in math can register for the Intellichoice club through the registration google form. Philip said any students who have questions can email him at [email protected]

There are no club meetings, but the Intellichoice chapter officers send out an email every week inviting volunteers to sign up for the following Saturday’s virtual tutoring session. Students can choose whether they want to tutor in elementary or middle school math, as well as what time they want to tutor. Tutors usually only work with one student at a time so that it is more intimate and to enable tutors to focus on the child’s specific needs. 

Although the students being tutored benefit greatly from Intellichoice tutoring, junior Elena Hong, who has been a part of the club from the beginning, said volunteers also benefit from mentoring the children.

“By tutoring kids through Intellichoice, I was able to learn more about how to help them,” Hong said. “[It] benefits me a lot especially because I want to become a pediatrician. Being able to give back to my community makes me feel good.” 

Children sign up for tutoring through the Intellichoice website; many are from rural locations or have personal obstacles in their life. Tutoring younger students, according to Hebron Intellichoice chapter Vice President Abigail Nguyen, is a way to genuinely appreciate what you have.

Through Intellichoice, I saw many of the adversities that some children face [such as] a 4th grader [with] a single mom who was constantly at work or an 8th grader who was a caregiver for an elderly grandmother,” Nguyen said. “Being able to provide help in any way that I could to these students, by tutoring them math concepts they may find challenging or even listening to their stories brings me happiness as I am able to put a smile on their face before the [tutoring] session is done.”