LISD to host movie night at Grandscape March 31


Kate Knauff

Junior Elizabeth Kang (left) and sophomore Serai George (right) sell tickets for the movie night during B lunch on March 30. Tickets are on sale for $5 during every lunch leading up to the event.

LISD will show “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” for its annual movie night at The Lawn at Grandscape tomorrow with seating opening at 5:30 p.m. and the movie starting at 6:30 p.m.

“Everyone should go to the LISD Movie Night because the money raised is going to a great cause,” student council president Paige Zagumny said. “It is also a lot of fun to just have a break one night and spend time with your friends, watching a fun movie and not really having to worry about anything else while you’re enjoying your time outside.”

Tickets cost $5 and can be bought during all of the lunches on the cafeteria stage leading up to the movie night. The proceeds will be going to the LISD Back to School fund and the LISD Angel Tree Program.

“We liked the idea of doing something entertaining but also [providing] a time where everyone can hang out as a district, so it was really cool for all of the schools to come out and share time [together],” student council sponsor Jennifer Russell said. “And proceeds go to a good cause.”

As well as donating the proceeds from ticket sales, LISD has partnered with Perry’s Pizza and Galaxy Theatre in Grandscape, which plan to donate a portion of their sales to the LISD organizations.

“I thought last year was really cool because I got to hang out with the kids and have a time where we aren’t counting cans or money or making posters,” Russell said. “It’s just a time for us to just watch a movie, and we can order a pizza from Perry’s and have those proceeds go to community service.”

Former superintendent Kevin Rogers and the LISD Student Advisory Board have been planning this event since early October. Superintendent Lori Rapp took over the role when she was named superintendent.

“We meet monthly as an advisory board with the superintendent, and all of the different schools had a different job in preparation for the night,” Zagumny said. “During the meetings, we would decide what needed to be done and sort out the plan for what we needed to do.”

Students who buy a ticket can receive an hour of community service for any club of their choosing. They can also receive two additional hours if they get their ticket verified at the event and submit a photo of the ticket to the club.

“Kids should go to this because it is a fun event and you can meet people from all [over] the district and have a good time,” junior student council officer Asil Mithani said. “It’s also a good way to get community service hours and give back to the community.”