Must-try vegan Trader Joe’s products

Throughout my journey of incorporating healthy lifestyle habits, I have tried various plant-based foods, and Trader Joe’s has consistently been my top choice. As I had trouble believing some of the foods listed below were vegan, I have checked the ingredients myself. On my recent visit to Trader Joes, I decided to try out items that have been recommended to me by friends and food influencers.


Black Tea and Boba Coconut Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert 

For all of my lactose intolerant friends, this ice cream is going to be your new favorite! I have tried many boba-flavored ice creams in the past, and this one tops them all. This ice cream has a super soft consistency, and the boba has the perfect, chewy texture despite the ice cream being kept frozen. With hints of brown sugar in the boba, the ice cream has the perfect combination of an earthy tea flavor with a subtle sweetness. I recommended this wonderful ice cream for anyone who is a fan of boba and wanting to try something new.

Bamba Puffed Peanut & Corn with Hazelnut Creme Filling

This wonderful snack is a staple item to get from the snack aisle. From the roasted-peanut smell to the crisp, fluffiness of the puffed rolls, this is a snack that satisfies the biggest sweet tooth. As a food critic who values texture as much as flavor, I absolutely enjoyed the Bamba since it had both a crunchy shell that was simultaneously soft with a smooth hazelnut filling. I wish these came in a party-sized bag, as I truly could not get enough of these. 

Chicken-less Mandarin Orange Morsels

I have been testing out various vegan meat substitute items for quite a few years now, and this one definitely tops the list. This is a meatless version of orange chicken, and the texture of the fake meat was spot on. I found the consistency of the sauce to be a bit watery, which made the vegan chicken soggy, but the bold zesty flavor made up for it. This is a great quick dinner idea and it was super easy to prepare, so I would recommend this to anyone wanting to explore vegan meals.