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Senior Grayson Allo takes a dunk after a quick steal from the Farmers. Allo has been looking for a scholarship as this is his last year to play. “I was in the right spot at the right time, just like Coach had been teaching us,” Allo said. “Being in that spot gave me the steal and a fast two points. I just added a little flair to it.”

Senior’s Sanguine Season

Kai Fernando , Reporter September 30, 2020

Basketball has been an important facet of life for senior Grayson Allo, and the COVID-19 pandemic has been obstructing his practices and games. However, despite the interruptions, in the fall season, Allo...

Assistant band director Zack Anderson gives directions to the concert band as they practice marching outside. Anderson is the primary director for Concert I and II and was hired prior to assistant director JP Wilson’s departure. “No one’s got this all figured out, and we’re continuing to figure all of it out as we go,” Anderson said. “I think the one thing that remains the same in all of this, is that were all doing it together.”

A Bandemic Experience

Sarosh Ismail and Andie San Luis September 16, 2020

After working in the field for six years, assistant band director Zack Anderson is no stranger to the directing world. However, when he was hired in the spring, he was thrown in for an unexpected loop:...

Principal reflects on her first year on staff

Principal reflects on her first year on staff

Hailey Dirks, Managing Editor May 23, 2020

In the calm before the storm, principal Amy Boughton stands in the hallway just before school starts to welcome students. The bell rings, and a flood of students rush through the main hallway. She feels...

Senior Makena Butler poses with one of her spray paint pieces. She is wearing a mask to protect against Covid-19.

Senior starts business to help family

Yasmin Haq, Editor-in-Chief May 22, 2020

Like many students under quarantine, senior Makena Butler has found herself with a lot of extra time on her hands.  To stave off boredom, Butler began taking up old hobbies like spray painting and...

Junior Ellory Liles and two of her coworkers pose together for a photo with their required face masks and gloves. “We are all required to wear face masks and gloves no matter what position we are inside the restaurant,” Liles said.

Students experience changes at jobs due to COVID-19

Leila Olukoga, Reporter May 8, 2020

After an eight-hour school day, junior Ellory Liles suits up for a shift at Chick-Fil-A. Used to the 15-hour workweek, Liles carries on serving meals, cleaning kitchens and working the drive-thru. That...

Although she was initially just excited to be there, senior Abby Rieger was grateful that she chose to be a part of Santa Clara Vanguard Drum and Bugle Corps after attending the audition camps. “The organization is truly like a family,” Rieger said. “Whether that means being great friends, holding each other accountable, being there for emotional support, pushing each other to be better all the time or whatever other positive aspect a family could bring to your life.”

Drum major dreams

Kate Haas, Managing Editor May 2, 2020

In one phone call, senior Abby Rieger’s entire summer was booked. One month later, a global pandemic emptied her schedule again.  Rieger, a three-year drum major, was offered a drum major position...

Snipes sits in her classroom on the day she became 33 weeks pregnant. She is currently eight months pregnant.

Worrying for two

Henry Hays, Sports Editor April 23, 2020

People have many things to be concerned about in today’s world - lock down orders, overfilled hospitals, online work and school as well as a lack of general supplies. Now imagine, adding on top of that,...

Freshman Eleanor Hays poses with a soccer ball. She plays soccer for the FC Dallas U-16 development academy for Girls. “The development academy focuses on developing our skill and our talent so we can go farther with soccer into college and possibly professionally,” Hays said.

From the field to the future

Kate Knauff, News editor March 13, 2020

Three years ago, Eleanor Hays was one of the many girls who anxiously waited for her turn to show the coaches what she's got. As she approaches the field with a few of her former teammates, she knows it...

Lin holds a sign with the word undocumented on it.


Yasmin Haq, Editor-in-Chief March 13, 2020

  Editor’s note: To help protect her identity, the pseudonym “Lin” is used to refer to the main source in this story.   They had minutes to cross before border patrol would...

Yearbook adviser Madalyn Cooper helps a student with their design template. It is Cooper’s first time teaching at a school with a four period class schedule.	“I am used to teaching eight periods a day, so having the for period block period was new to me,” Cooper said. “So everything was strange at first, and it took a lot of getting used to.”

Keeping up with Cooper

Arisha Hirji, Web editor March 4, 2020

New yearbook teacher Madalyn Cooper waits patiently as her students walk through the door. As more and more students walk in, she is overcome with a wave of excitement and nervousness. Cooper started...

Junior David Howe stands in front of a shelf of fossils he and his dad have collected. He holds up a fossilized fish that his dad will be selling.

Digging up a legacy

Hailey Dirks, Managing Editor February 26, 2020

A young boy digs his shovel into the dirt by the creek. He searches for a flash of white bone from a prehistoric fish or the spiraling curves of an ammonite to reveal itself from the thick mud. Once he...

Junior Ethan Pettengill looks through a selection of hats at Goodwill. Pettengill has a clothing line named “personols,” which he creates by refurbishing vintage clothing.

Getting “personol”

Malley O'Carroll, Social media manager February 12, 2020

After tennis practice, junior Ethan Pettengill goes home, completes his homework and starts designing his next collection for “personols.” He spends hours at the thrift store looking for the perfect...