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The Other Side: Student Loan Crisis

The Other Side: Student Loan Crisis

Kate Haas, Managing Editor April 21, 2020

The total student loan debt in America has currently reached about $1.4 trillion. As the new No.  1 source of debt in the country, it has suitably been titled a ‘crisis.’  If you’re only able...

COVID-19, otherwise known as the coronavirus, is an illness caused by a virus that can spread through human contact. The World Health Organization confirmed the virus a pandemic on March 11, 2020 and it has claimed the lives of over 100,000 people globally.

Opinion: Dr. Redfield is a fraud

Leila Olukoga, Reporter April 19, 2020

“Dr. Redfield’s scientific and clinical background is peerless,” Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said in a statement. This came after Redfield was appointed his position as head of...

Sometimes the light of positivity is hard to find in dark times - and thats OK.

We are not OK, and that’s OK

Hailey Dirks, Managing Editor April 16, 2020

When I initially set out to write this, we were one week into the shelter-in-place orders and I was feeling productive and positive. I had more time to do things I loved, and I enjoyed the much-needed...

A geek’s guide to online school

A geek’s guide to online school

Hailey Dirks, Managing Editor April 14, 2020

Due to the pandemic stay-at-home orders, students have been in online school for two weeks. This situation is beginning to feel less temporary and more normal as each day continues, and we have a few more...

Tuning in with Leila: Brent Faiyaz

Tuning in with Leila: Brent Faiyaz

Leila Olukoga, Reporter April 13, 2020

Brent Faiyaz released his second album “F**k the World” on Feb. 7. Fans across the world communicated their anticipation for the album’s release, and with his growing popularity on social media platforms,...

Nerdy by Nature: My favorite BookTubers

Nerdy by Nature: My favorite BookTubers

Hailey Dirks, Managing Editor April 9, 2020

BookTube is a book-specific subset of the YouTube community, where creators, called BookTubers, share videos about books they love or hate, fandoms, literacy and being generally excited about reading....

Tuning in with Leila: Jhené Aiko

Tuning in with Leila: Jhené Aiko

Leila Olukoga, Reporter March 15, 2020

Nearly three years after her departure from the music scene, Jhene Aiko returned with her album “Chilombo” on March 6. Prior to recording this album, Aiko began the practice of sound healing, a practice...

A student checks his artwork before uploading it to Canvas. Art 1 is one of the many courses offered by LISD’s Virtual Learning Academy.

Opinion: Unfair Online Opportunities

Henry Hays, Sports Editor March 6, 2020

Online courses are becoming more popular with high school students. However, online courses present new issues for administration due to the lack of supervision. Cheating is becoming increasingly easy...

Students from the University of Dallas represent West African culture through a series of dances at the Hawk Fest on Feb. 29.

Opinion: Black History Month is important

Leila Olukoga, Reporter February 29, 2020

I was 13 when I first downloaded Twitter. My mother never let me have any social media platforms other than Instagram, so I was definitely excited to jump into the depths of this new app. I had downloaded...

The Other Side: Impeachment

The Other Side: Impeachment

Kate Haas, Managing Editor February 25, 2020

President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial is finally over after what feels like years. It ended exactly how everyone with a brain knew it would: acquittal from the Senate. So, why did it even start,...

“Little Women” wins Oscar for best costume design

“Little Women” wins Oscar for best costume design

Katlynn Fox, Editor-In-Chief February 21, 2020

Among many nominations, “Little Women” took home an Oscar for best costume design by Jacqueline Durran on Feb. 9. By channeling inspiration from the 1860s and brilliant color pallets to reflect individual...

People are not machines, so it is unrealistic to expect them to perform like one. Besides, even machines wear down too.

Overwork doesn’t work

Yasmin Haq, Editor-in-Chief February 20, 2020

My fall semester went nothing like I planned it to. I thought being a senior meant I would be coasting through the year, and that I would finally get to focus on what I’m truly passionate about. Instead,...