New cafe on Hebron great after-school hangout spot


photo by Yasmin Haq

The inside of the cafe has a bright and modern vibe that is inviting to customers.

I like to describe our school’s location as being in the middle of nowhere because there are not a ton of trendy places to go that aren’t at least ten minutes away. I mean, there is always your local Starbucks, but it is overcrowded and nothing special.

Recently, a new cafe named Heavenly Kup Dessert Cafe opened up off of Hebron Parkway only five minutes away from school. Being an adventurous bunch, my friends and I decided to try out the new spot.

photo by Yasmin Haq
This is the blue lemonade. The picture doesn’t really do it justice.

The ambiance of the cafe is appealing: it’s brightly lit and has a crisp, clean and modern vibe. There is a full window at the front of the store with a bar and high chairs that overlook the area outside the cafe. This feature lets a lot of natural light in that brightens up the cafe. On the right wall, there’s a rather large section of chalkboard paint featuring angel wings and a halo. The art adds a level of personality to the interior, making it unique. The layout overall is professional, yet fun.

The aesthetics don’t stop at the interior; the food itself is its own art. I ordered a blue lemonade, and when I received it, I was compelled to snap a couple pictures of the drink because of its unique aqua to deep blue gradient.

Along with presentation, the drinks themselves are unique. The lemonade was carbonated, which I did not anticipate, but was a pleasant surprise. On top of my friend’s Korean shaved ice were fruity pebbles, and in another friend’s hot chocolate was a Choco-Pie. Heavenly Kup dessert Cafe keeps its drinks interesting with small twists.

Something I must discuss is the taiyaki: a fun, fish-shaped pastry with different fillings. When I discovered it on the menu, I knew I had to get one. There are three flavors: red bean, custard, and my choice, Nutella. The taiyaki was a nice, warm, melt-in-your-mouth pastry that  juxtaposed my cold, fizzy lemonade.

photo by Yasmin Haq
My taiyaki above was filled with Nutella.


Besides the food and ambiance, one of my favorite aspects of the restaurant was the friendliness of the staff. The owner and employees were sweet and patient and took the time to make conversation with their customers. The cafe also offers many promos and discounts, especially to students. If you follow them on Instagram, you get a free taiyaki, or if you show them a school ID, you get 10 percent off. The prices themselves are fair and about on par with Starbucks.

All in all, Heavenly Kup Dessert Cafe is a fresh spot to go chill with friends after school or grab a drink and get some homework done.