Nothing Has “Changed”


Photo provided by Instagram

Justin Bieber’s fifth album, “Changes,” released Feb. 14, and it was just as awful as I expected it to be. I’ll admit I’m a little prejudiced since I’ve never been a Bieber fan, but I mean what’s to be expected from an album that was preceded by a single called “Yummy”? 


Each song is slow with Bieber’s soft voice singing about how he’s married, in love and really doesn’t care about anything else. After he married Hailey Baldwin, it’s clear that his idea of what music is has changed, but not for the better. Bieber’s album is really just for an audience of two – himself and his wife. It makes sense that his album was released on Valentine’s Day.


Every song is repetitive with the same words over and over, and it seems the rhythm is the same in each tune. I felt the urge to change my playlist so many times because of the blandness of the songs. 


The only song I sort of enjoyed was “Get Me,” and it was only because of Kehlani’s voice. I’m not saying Bieber’s voice is bad, just that the lyrics he sings are so monotonous. It seems as if the songs are starting and ending in the same place without any feeling. 


Along with Kehlani, Bieber features a lot of other artists such as Post Malone, Travis Scott and Clever. “Forever” with Malone and Clever has a catchy beat, but again, is unvarying from the rest of the songs. I’m surprised Bieber didn’t sing about his incidents with Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift or anything the media has been talking about. Gomez was open on her new album “Rare” about how she feels, but Bieber ignores it and instead figures out how to tell his wife he loves her in three million different ways. 


Bieber fans might be happy knowing that he has finally settled down in life, and this album more than justifies that claim. It’s not the best album to listen to unless you’re trying to fall asleep, but if his goal is to let us know how he’s doing, then at least his album accomplishes something. 


Overall, the album just wasn’t for me at all. I didn’t feel moved or amazed by any of the songs despite all the slow lyrics. Bieber obviously moved on to a new chapter in his life and it’s about time we move on from him too.