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Senior Sarosh Ismail is the visual editor and this is her third year on staff. Ismail has an unhealthy obsession with coffee, loves her dog and has too many cardigans. 

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Concert band rehearses outside during third period on Dec.3. Aside from marching and playing, the band has also been incorporating choreography into their show.


December 4, 2020
Johnson wears her earrings which she sees as a sign of her heritage. The Puerto Rican culture places an importance on girls having their ears pierced as soon as they are born. “That’s just something culture-wise,” Johnson said. “It’s weird if they don’t have earrings.”


October 20, 2020
Freshmen Ethan Wait, Alex Schroer and Luke Hines walk to lunch after band class. Students have been following the A, B, C, D lunch schedule to help reduce the number of students in the cafeteria at one given time.

Fishies in face masks

September 18, 2020
Assistant band director Zack Anderson gives directions to the concert band as they practice marching outside. Anderson is the primary director for Concert I and II and was hired prior to assistant director JP Wilson’s departure. “No one’s got this all figured out, and we’re continuing to figure all of it out as we go,” Anderson said. “I think the one thing that remains the same in all of this, is that were all doing it together.”

A Bandemic Experience

September 16, 2020
Nothing Has “Changed”

Nothing Has “Changed”

February 20, 2020
Hang up and hang out

Hang up and hang out

December 19, 2019
Vitt delivers a monologue on stage as Juliet during dress rehearsal. She was cast to play the main role of Juliet in theater’s fall production. “It’s a different feeling spending months with the same group of people working for the same thing and then you actually get to show it to people,” Vitt said.

A Double Feature

November 21, 2019
Parent Kimberly Estrada shows her ID to the video doorbell so that she can enter the school for the pep rally. Estrada has two kids that go to Hebron, and even though the whole process of getting into the school is tedious, she feels assured that they are safe inside the building. “It makes me feel safe as a parent to know that my kids are in a place where security is held in high regard,” said Estrada.


October 1, 2019
Color guard director Justin Sullivan watches the halftime show as the color guard performs along with marching band. Before every game, the whole group practices their performance as Sullivan gives directions. “They are great students, they work hard and want to get better and learn new things,” Sullivan said.

An Unexpected Leap

September 19, 2019
Junior Heather Nixon holds the camera she uses in yearbook. Nixon takes pictures not only for the yearbook, but also for paid photo shoots she does outside of school. “Last year I created an Instagram just for my photography and a website for my portfolio which now also has [photography] services too on it,” Nixon said. (

Capturing Every Moment

September 10, 2019
Choir director Alexander Carr teaches the soprano girls choir group during his second day at Hebron. Carr has already made a comfortable environment and connections with his students. “I’ve only met a handful of them, but I’m interested in finding out more about them,” Carr said.

[Photo] A New Legacy

August 26, 2019
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