Heidi Klum’s most iconic Halloween costumes

Supermodel Heidi Klum has been known as the “Queen of Halloween” for her infamous Halloween costumes. She holds an annual Halloween party that prominent celebrities attend, dressed in costumes alike. Since the party’s debut in 2000, Klum has outdone her previous costume each year, arriving first to begin the annual celebration and stun the press with her intricate outfit. 

As a Halloween enthusiast and fan of Klum’s work in fashion, I ranked my top five favorite costumes she has worn. 

  1. Crows (2009)
FilmMagic/Getty Images

Klum arrived at her party in a couple costumes with her husband at the time, Seal. Her body was covered in feathers and painted black, wearing a short dress while Seal wore an all-black suit. The couple’s matching masks complete the entire look and give me a frighteningly eerie feeling, but to be fair, I’m not too fond of birds. Still, it was an exceptional look from Klum given the simplicity of the costume theme.

  1. Apes (2011)
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When I first saw this costume, I visibly winced because of how realistic the costume looks. Due to “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” premiering in August of that year, Klum found inspiration from the movie’s characters and thus dressed as an ape with Seal. Klum gets bonus points for this one, seeing as it was one of two costumes debuted on the same night. If I squinted hard, I would most certainly think the couple were actual apes.

  1. Human Body (2011)
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The second part of 2011’s costume, the “Human Body” was her most eccentric outfit yet. With the help of two doctors wheeling her around, Klum was a fleshy being lying still on a hospital gurney. From the flesh bodysuit, blood splatters on the hospital sheets and panicked doctors surrounding her – Klum succeeded, yet again, in making a simple concept an interesting and grotesquely fascinating spectacle for all to see.

  1. Old Lady (2013)
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Similar to her “Apes” costume, if I was in front of Klum and squinted hard enough, I simply would not recognize the supermodel and merely acknowledge her as an elderly woman. With the help of five different makeup artists, Klum had varicose veins airbrushed onto her legs and vinyl pieces glued onto her neck, furthering her ability to appear as an old lady. The amount of intricate detail that went into this costume is incredible; it definitely looks like Klum would bake me a tray of cookies and squeeze my cheeks.

  1. Princess Fiona (2018)

Instant nostalgia hit me upon first seeing this costume as I grew up watching all of the installments in the “Shrek” series. Dressing up as Princess Fiona in a couples costume with her boyfriend Tom Kaulitz, Klum looked elegant in her regal dress with Fiona’s signature green skin painted all over her body. Due to obvious bias from my childhood love for “Shrek,” this look is, by far, my favorite. Klum posing with Kaulitz as Shrek and Fiona is just too much for my hopeless romantic heart to handle.

As this year’s Halloween approaches, I can only wait with much anticipation and excitement for what look Klum will conquer next. Perhaps a mummy, ghost or witch? Either way, she will look frighteningly beautiful, per usual.