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Pitcher Ethan Hunt pitches in the fifth inning against Plano West on April 16. The team won 2-1.
Baseball team to compete against Plano West April 19
Olivia Evans, Web Editor • April 19, 2024

The baseball team will play against Plano West on April 19 at 7:30 p.m. at the Hebron baseball field. Head coach Corey Farra said the team has...

 As the final weekend of Coachella approaches, the temperature averages about 95 degrees Fahrenheit daily in the desert. Coachella has lost its glamor, as uncomfortable camping conditions go viral on TikTok.
Opinion: De-influencing Coachella
Madeline Rivera, Editor-in-Chief • April 19, 2024

It was the day before the first weekend of Coachella. I was lying in bed after a long day of school, hours before bed, scrolling through TikTok...

April 17 was National Tax Day — something most adults dread. However, it’s often forgotten that young adults never learned about taxes in school, causing them to struggle, too. This defeats the purpose of high school preparing students for adulthood.
Opinion: Schools need to teach students how to do taxes
Mie Bakuya, Reporter • April 18, 2024

The entire purpose of high school is to prepare students for the real world. Required classes include English to learn writing, history to learn...


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You’ll “Wish You Were Here” for Dro Kenji’s rise to stardom

Dro Kenji’s new album “Wish You Were Here” captives the audience with a heartbreaking album cover. The cover shows the pain of heartbreak as love arrows strike him.
via Internet Money Records/ 10k Projects
Dro Kenji’s new album “Wish You Were Here” captives the audience with a heartbreaking album cover. The cover shows the pain of heartbreak as love arrows strike him.

Dro Kenji dropped his long-awaited album “Wish You Were Here” Aug. 18 after taking a lengthy break since his debut in 2020. I was immediately intrigued and excited when he announced he was dropping it. I think this could be some of his best music to date. When I listened to the album, I knew it would be one of my favorites. 

Kenji is an up and coming artist who has been on the rise after dropping popular singles such as “UDNTLUVME” and “ARSONIST” and being featured on Mike Dimes’ hit song, “Kiss and Tell.” I originally discovered Kenji through another artist I follow, Dc the Don, when they wrote a song together in 2021 called, “SO WHAT” which topped charts on its debut. I was pulled in by Keji’s unique sound and have been a fan of his ever since. He brought a darker vibe, yet still an energetic and melodic style of rap. 

With “Wish You Were Here,” Kenji continues to connect with his fans by cultivating a community for his fan base, which is by far one of the most dedicated I’ve ever seen. Many fans have already gotten tattoos relating to the album, too. 

This 17-song album starts out strong with “THROW UP,” “PAMPER PAMPER” with Mike Dimes and “WHITE OUT.” “THROW UP” opens up the album with his iconic emotional style. This song does not disappoint, as it introduces a heartbreaking theme that’s carried throughout Kenji’s entire album. His genius lyricism depicts heart-throbbing illustrations of emotion.

“PAMPER PAMPER” is a song Kenji collaborated with Dimes on. The fan favorite duo never disappoints as this song has the highest energy of the whole album. The song features fast and heavy bass that suits the artists’ smooth, yet raw and inventive style: the signature back and forth style of rap that is utilized in their collabs. The flow they have is seamless and makes for a quality song everytime. 

My personal favorite off the album has to be “WHITE OUT;” its energy connects with other songs’ and is a more crisp and smooth approach to rap. Having worked with world famous producer Nick Mira, this song perfectly encapsulates Kenji’s creative writing and flow, offering some of his best work and starting strong with a melodic vibe and a level of complexity in the lyrics that consistently climbs throughout the song. 

The first half of “Wish You Were Here” blew my expectations out of the water and I really connected to the theme and lyrics of the songs. 

However, the second half of the album is a let down. It didn’t draw me in, as it didn’t hold on to the pacing and overall vibe of the first half. A couple of songs such as “ATTACHMENT PROBLEMS” and “SPINNIN” stood out with their incredible emotional lyrics, which encapsulate the theme of the album. However, the rest of “Wish You Were Here” explores the emotional damage and depressing aspects of love, morphing the album’s overall vibe. It really digs into the heartbreaking themes, but wasn’t my favorite because I prefer a bit more upbeat and complex style of rap. 

“Wish You Were Here” is an album that demonstrates how far Kenji has come as he rises to the top of the rap game. As a devoted fan, I cannot contain my excitement to see and hear more from Kenji in the future. He has arrived and is here to compete against other talented rap artists.

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Gavin Lambert
Gavin Lambert, Reporter
Junior Gavin Lambert is a reporter and this is his first year on staff. He enjoys playing basketball and video games and writing music.

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