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Sports Scores
A table is set up with trophies for the participants for the tournament at last year’s event on May 31, 2023.  (Photo provided by HBBC)
Band to hold golf tournament May 31
Mie Bakuya, Reporter • May 25, 2024

The band program will hold its eighth annual golf tournament on May 31 at Indian Creek Golf Course with a shotgun start at 8:30 a.m. The event...

(Left to right) DFW residents Ana Szabo, Lacey Gee, Amy Nichols and Nick Adams pose for a photo at their event “Swifties in the Park” at Grandscape in The Colony on April 27. At the event, they held competitions ,such as spelling bees and “finish the lyric” for the attendees, in which winners were given vinyls and a goodie bag from the Swiftie Market. (Photo provided by @the13podcast on Instagram)
Lucky Number 13
Saahir Mawani, Design Editor • May 24, 2024

On Dec. 13, 1989, global phenomenon Taylor Swift was bornin the town of Reading, PA. Only two years later, in 1992, the KiddKradick morning show...

Senior Jimmy Sanchez and junior Grant Koch perform a scene during a dress rehearsal of “The Diviners” on April 18. This was the only show strictly performed by theater’s Silver Company this year.
For the applause
Krista Fleming, Managing Editor • May 23, 2024

The stage is dark.  Junior Grant Koch is in the same spot he has been in for what feels like a thousand times, surrounded by cast members...


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7 Brew brings a taste of home

Shiren Noorani
7 Brew is located at 3040 E Hebron Pkwy. 7 Brew has a variety of drinks to choose from, serving coffee, fizz drinks, energy drinks, smoothies, shakes and teas.

Arkansas is known for its local coffee shops and, as someone who grew up there, the place where my family and I always bought coffee was from 7 Brew. I wasn’t alone in that, either. To put into perspective how famous 7 Brew was, I saw more people with 7 Brew drinks than I did Starbucks in my childhood hometown. 

I was so excited when I found out that my favorite coffee shop was becoming a franchise in Texas. After not being able to have 7 Brew for years, it opened on July 31 in Carrollton and brought more than just coffee for me —  it brought me back home. 

Though I am a caffeine addict and usually just drink their coffees, 7 Brew also sells fizz drinks, energy drinks, smoothies, shakes and teas. With all these choices and it being national coffee day today, I decided to rank three drinks.  

This is one of the classic drinks at 7 Brew. It contains caramel and vanilla breve. (Eyesha Sadiq)

Blondie: $4.50, small 

Out of the seven original drinks 7 Brew is known for, Blondie has got to be my absolute favorite. Some may think this is a basic drink because it consists of caramel and vanilla breve, but I think it is way more than that. 

This drink is similar to an iced caramel macchiato from Starbucks, but is more on the sweeter side. Additionally, the coffee taste is not as strong; however, the drink is extremely smooth. I am someone who loves caramel, so the more caramel taste I can get, the better. I have gotten this coffee a countless number of times and it never disappoints. 

This is one of the classic drinks from 7 Brew. This drink contains brown sugar cinnamon and white chocolate breve. (Eyesha Sadiq)

Cinnamon Roll: $4.50, small

This coffee is also one of the seven classic drinks, but this one I absolutely hated. Even though the quality of the coffee is amazing, the taste is horrid. I took a sip of this drink and literally could not drink anymore of it. I will say, I do hate cinnamon in drinks — so I set myself up for this one — however, this was awful. My sister, who doesn’t find cinnamon in drinks appalling, absolutely loved this drink. This drink is definitely for someone who loves cinnamon. 

The drink is on the sweeter side, but it overpowers the taste of the coffee. I love drinks with a little more bitter coffee taste to them, so this drink was not it. 

This is a mango smoothie. There are multiple flavors of smoothies, including strawberry, pina colada, peach, green apple, wildberry, blueberry and pomegranate. (Eyesha Sadiq)

Mango Smoothie: $5.25, small

This smoothie was one of the most refreshing drinks I have ever tasted. The mango taste is authentic, a huge contrast from most of the other fruit smoothies I’ve had the displeasure of drinking. My dad, who is crazy about mangoes, finished the rest of the smoothie because of how perfect the level of sweetness and mango taste was. 

This drink was an absolute hit in my family, taking me back to the summer and is the perfect smoothie to buy when needing a tropical refresh. 


The customer service is what differentiates 7 Brew from any coffee chain I have been to. At 7 Brew, there is no inside seating, only a drive-thru. Every time I have gone, the workers have always greeted me and asked me about my day or my future plans. The only other food place I have ever seen do that is Chick-fil-A. I think the amazing customer service instilled in the 7 Brew franchise makes the experience 10 times better and the drinks even sweeter. 

I will always have a place in my heart for 7 Brew and will always pick it over other coffee places. If you are looking for a new coffee place to try, 7 Brew is your answer.

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eyesha sadiq
eyesha sadiq, Entertainment Editor
Senior Eyesha Sadiq is the entertainment editor and this is her second year on the staff. When she’s not in the newsroom, she’s either playing with her dogs, reading or baking.
Shiren Noorani
Shiren Noorani, Opinion Editor
Junior Shiren Noorani is the social media manager and this is her second year on staff. In her free time, she loves to travel with her family and play basketball.

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