Bake it ‘til you make it

Sophomores run business selling baked goods


Valerie Rodriguez (left) and Kayla Melgar (right) hold up baked goods.

The smell of freshly baked desserts fills the air as the oven dings, the clock reading 2 a.m. on a weeknight. Packaged goods fill the room, ready to be received by eager clients the next day. 

Sophomores Kayla Melgar and Valerie Rodriguez started their business, K & V Desserts, in Feb. 2021. The two saw trending desserts online — such as breakable hearts — and felt it was a way to merge their baking skills and desire to start a business. 

“Since I was little, I’ve always liked baking [and] remember baking a lot with my aunt,” Melgar said. “[Baking] is a safe and fun activity, and it reminds me of my family and memories I have with them.”

The two spread the word about their business through social media, such as Instagram and Facebook, as well as by promoting and offering desserts to friends and teachers.

“[Kayla’s] entrepreneurship is really admirable, [and] the way she goes after what she wants is amazing,” junior Leah Ofoli said. “Her desserts are delicious. [I love] the way you can feel the care that goes into them.” 

Rodriguez’s parents helped the two start up their business by buying their needed supplies. Since then, both of their families have continued to support them by trying new dessert ideas, giving input on the business and helping out with big orders if necessary.

“It was really scary to do something like this, especially when you don’t know how to [run a business],” Rodriguez said. “[Having a support system and] seeing the outcome of our work has really helped keep me motivated.”

K & V Desserts sells a variety of goods, such as chocolate covered pretzels and strawberries, cakesicles, cake pops and more. The two began offering party packages around April of last year, which include 15 of each desired item. 

“My proudest moment was when we had our first big event making desserts for our friend’s quinceañera,” Rodriguez said. “It was really stressful because I wanted everything to be perfect with the desserts and Kayla was also busy with color guard, so it was difficult to [organize].”

Kayla Melgar
Cupcakes, chocolate covered pretzels and strawberries, cakepops, cakesicles and marshmallows made by Kayla Melgar and Valerie Rodriguez for Kayla’s cousin’s first birthday. This event was the first of K & V Dessert’s party packages.
(Photo provided by Kayla Melgar)

In the future, Rodriguez said she hopes to become a baker, and believes K & V Desserts has helped her gain practice and insight into the baking world. Melgar would like to be a teacher, though she said she wants to find time down the line to continue her love of baking by opening up her own shop.

“It makes me happy to put a genuine smile on peoples’ faces when I give them their orders,” Melgar said. “If anyone has any dreams, they should follow them [because] you can do anything with love and support.”