Photo Gallery: Living Well Expo

The counseling department held a Living Well Expo in the main gym on Sept. 17 during lunch to provide students with coping mechanisms for stress

“It’s suicide awareness month, and also a lot of our students have stress,” student assistance counselor Yasmin Somnath said. “Stress can sometimes lead to anxiety and depression, so [the fair] was trying to provide tools students can use to destress and help themselves if they’re having some difficulties.”

The booths included yoga, pet therapy, acupressure and crafts. Raffle tickets were given out at the booths for students to enter a drawing for prizes as well. 

“I know from talking to vendors that students felt good [about the wellness expo],” Somnath said. “It helped us to recognize some students that might need to come in and talk and get a little extra help. So I think it was helpful to them.”