Basketball to play Newman Smith Dec. 20


Yasmin Haq

Sophomore Isaac Nguyen passes the ball to his teammate. They were practicing during fourth period for their upcoming game.

Boys basketball will play against Newman Smith on Dec. 20 in the main gym at 7:30 p.m. Their current record is 7-3.

 Head coach Eric Reil said he has been trying to help the boys improve their endurance and problem solving skills. 

“We try to challenge them in a bunch of ways to get them frustrated so that they know how to handle difficult situations,” Reil said.

Reil said he believes the team will perform well in the game on Friday, and the team is eager to play Newman Smith.

“I think my kids will be ready to play Neman Smith,” Reil said. “It’s a close school so the boys know people that go there, so I think they’ll be excited to play.”

The team has played against some of the top teams in the area multiple times this season. Facing challenging opponents has helped the team grow, but the coaches are continuously pushing them to be better. 

“Our goal is to put the boys in situations in practice that challenge them mentally and physically,” Reil said. “Now they will be mentally prepared to play against a new team.”