Library offers “Blind Date” books for Valentine’s Day

The “Blind Date” book table in the library is set up for students to check out

Olivia Bragg, Staff Writer

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Photo by Olivia Bragg

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]In honor of Valentine’s Day, the library is checking out “Blind Date” books starting today, Feb. 10. Students can pick a wrapped book off the table, unwrap it outside the library, read at least one chapter and then decide whether to keep reading or bring it back for a different book.

“I wanted kids to feel like there was something else for them besides just dating,” Librarian Liz Harrison said. “You can’t miss by reading a good book. I know kids are really busy and they sometimes don’t take the time to read, but you never know what you’re going to find and if it’s going to be something that changes their life. It could be something to see from a different point of view.”

Seventy-five books have already been checked out, which is close to last year’s record of 100. Library assistants are currently wrapping “Blind Date” books. The only limit is that there is a one “date” per day policy. Other rules are on the library window and inside the library on the “Blind Date” table.

The “Blind Date” books are available every day until Valentine’s Day for students to take a chance at love and find a new book.

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Photo’s by Olivia Bragg