Art students advance to state art competition

Megan Oosthuizen, Editor-in-Chief

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Out of the 30 art students who competed in the Visual Arts Scholastic Expedition (VASE) on Feb. 15, 8 have advanced to the state level. The state competition will be held on Apr. 5 at Bryan High School in College Station, TX.

Art teacher Ross Hines is pleased about his 4 students advancing in the competition.

“Being in the freshman center, being ninth grade, division one, getting anyone to state is a big accomplishment and so it speaks volume for the kids that we’re taking,” Hines said. “You know, they all worked their tails off and completed their artwork, and were chosen out of all those kids competing.”

Art students will be judged again and compete for a gold seal, which is the highest honor a student can receive at VASE. If a student receives a gold seal, their artwork is displayed at the Texas State Capitol for a year.

The following students will compete:

Sue Jin Park, 9

Sophie Chung, 9

Nasim Dalirifar, 9

Courtney Seo, 9

Justin Chong, 10

Christine Cho, 11

Luis Unda, 12

Matthew Whitacker, 12