LISD pushes new district and campus websites


Lewisville Independent School District (LISD) began the process of launching new websites on Oct. 9. The new websites – for the district and each campus – are more compatible with both mobile and modern browsers and incorporate new features such as District Alerts and News, Global Icons and an Upcoming Events section.

The websites run on a content management system called Schoolwires and will have the same interface across each campus to provide a sense of unity.

The website administrators pride themselves on “a more user-friendly experience” and will be updating the sites regularly. The process of introducing the new web pages will extend to December, and affects all 69 of the LISD campuses.

“There’s always an issue of ‘Are we connecting to the public the way we want to?’” teacher and campus website manager Nathan Schutz said.  “Since the page has started a week ago, we’ve had over 11,000 visits to the site. And I think that shows what an important tool [the website] is and how important it is to communicate with the parents and community.”