Hawkurritos are Eggcellent


Every Wednesday, the FLS/AVLS (Functional Life Skills/Academic Vocational Life Skills) students make Hawkurritos. Essentially breakfast burritos, Hawkurritos are made with eggs, cheese, salsa, tortillas, potato, meat (bacon, sausage, chorizo) and served in any combination. They are sold for $2 to staff members who can order every Monday via Google Docs, though students are ineligible to purchase Hawkurritos as it is against school policy.

“The Hawkurritos are distributed hand-to-hand,” paraprofessional aide Dorothy Foster said. “Kids have to greet the client, make sure it’s the correct person, and collect the money.”

Hawkurritos are kept refrigerated overnight until Thursday morning when they are reheated and distributed to clients.

“Having a school run business, such as this one, helps all of our diverse learners learn many functional skills – surveying, creating menus, organizing supplies and data, cooking, cleaning, and social skills,” teacher Rhonda Jones said.