Student Council hosts volleyball game fundraiser for Social Studies teacher


Half of the proceeds from the annual student/teacher volleyball game on Jan.14 will go to benefit Social Studies teacher Travis Zuber. Zuber’s home and two cars were severely damaged by the tornadoes that swept through Rowlette on Dec. 26. Zuber has been at the school for eight years and was a Student Council sponsor for four of those years.

“Student Council wanted to do something for Mr. Zuber in his time of tragedy,” Student Council sponsor Ben Stroud said. “We knew the volleyball game was coming up, so we decided to give half the proceeds to him. He is a vital organ to our body.”

To raise funds for Zuber’s temporary needs, Zuber’s friend and social studies teacher Travis Fitzgerald set up a GoFundMe on Dec. 26, and 362 people raised $19,055 over the next eight days. To avoid tax deductions, the GoFundMe has ended and the volleyball game will replace it as the primary fundraiser.

“When Stroud told me about it I was grateful but also a little overwhelmed,” Zuber said. “Everyone has been so giving that I figured there couldn¹t be anything left to give. I’m constantly amazed by the giving nature of people, from my family to the Hebron community to the volunteers who swarmed into the area to help clean up and sift through the wreckage. I was not expecting any of it honestly. If we’ve learned anything from this it is to downsize your material goods, safeguard your sentimental objects, and give back as generously as you can.”

The game will be during 4th period on Thursday. In past years, tickets have been $3 but this year, Student Council will raise the price of admission to $5 in order to reach their goal of $500. Student Council members will be awarded 10 points for attending, but all students are encouraged to attend.