Hebron’s Got Talent

Hebrons Got Talent

Hebron’s Got Talent, organized by Hebron Choir, will be taking place Feb. 20 from 7-9 p.m.

The annual event, based off of “America’s Got Talent,” will feature a variety of performances: dance, magic, vocal and instrumental music.

“It doesn’t hurt to sing in front of the other judges,” choir director Rachel Forester said. “I think it is a great chance for students to figure out how they perform in front of anyone if they don’t normally get the chance to do that.”

Out of the 60 students who auditioned on Feb. 6, only 20 out of them made it to the show.

“I’ll be singing a song called ‘Say That We’re Sweethearts Again’ by Harley Quinn,” participant Rebecca Grommesh said. “I have been a Batman fan for two years and Harley Quinn is one of the female characters. On the show she sings that song and she’s just awesome. She is my favorite character, so I feel like I need to do something of her.”

On Feb. 19, the night before the show, participants will come together for a dress rehearsal from 6-9 p.m.

“You never know who’s gonna judge and what criteria they are going to judge on,” freshman Divya Viswanathan said. “So, I think that competitions are good because they make you realize how to gauge your audience and how to perform based on what your audience prefers.”

The winner of the show will receive a cash prize of $150 and an opportunity to perform for next year’s talent show.

“I like the idea of a school talent show,” Grommesh said. “It’s for the people who don’t get to perform all that often, like me, or those who don’t want to commit to a class or a club for something like that.”

Everyone who arrives must pay $5 at the door, and will be hand stamped to be allowed into the show.

“I think talent shows that are competition based are important,” Viswanathan said. “I think that they are going to build a lot of confidence in the artist and teach them that they need to suck it up if they don’t win.”

In the middle of the show, there will be an intermission where the audience is allowed to vote for a participant for the People’s Choice Award. Each vote costs $1. The money raised from the show will help fund for the upcoming choir trip to Houston.

“I think it has a lot of impact on our community, when people come to see so many of the cultural things we’ve got [here],” Forester said. “I think this should only encourage people to come to more things like this and support it.”