Assistant Principal Pushes for Early Registration


In an attempt to prevent students from procrastinating, Assistant Principal Vanessa Robichaux has started the push for AP test registration now instead of waiting until the spring. Testing begins on May 2 and runs through May 13.

“The problem is that there was too much paperwork and name-checking to do in a very short period of time, especially since we had to hand out around 2,000 tests,” Robichaux said. “My goal for starting earlier was that as soon as you finished taking the class, you could sign up for the exam, hopefully before the class was over.”

Robichaux also acknowledged students’ worries about taking a test and then not receiving college credit for that class.

“There was a new law passed over the summer that said if you scored a three or higher on a test, then public colleges in Texas are required to give you credit,” Robichaux said. “Private schools don’t necessarily have to give you credit, but if you call them and ask, they might accept your credit as an elective credit. It doesn’t matter what your major is because you should get the credit in some way. If for some reason the university or college you’re applying to won’t accept your credit, bring documentation to show me so we can talk about it.”

Robichaux has little empathy for students who don’t sign up for an AP test because they fear they’re going to fail.

“Hebron’s philosophy is if you take an AP class, then you take an AP test,” Robichaux said. “If you have a mindset that you’re not going to do well, then you won’t do well. Since these tests take a peek into the college realm, you need to take them so you can gauge yourself. I believe that every student should take at least one AP test so that it can serve as a litmus test of what they’re capable of.”