Encore Theatre’s UIL journey ends at Bi-district

Photo courtesy of Jacob Garlinger

Photo courtesy of Jacob Garlinger

After competing and ending their UIL journey at bi-district on April 2, Encore theatre becomes an alternate for area with the award winning one act play, “Paganini.” Encore will be having a public performance on April 11 at 7 pm.

“Paganini” took a lot of risks, but really paid off, according to head director Tyler Brodess. Brodess said that the play really stood out as different and as one of the top.

There are six rounds total in the UIL Theatre and Encore made it three rounds deep – zone district, bi-district, and ended by getting alternate to area.

“I felt like we took a lot of risks with our show and it really paid off,” Brodess said. “Our show definitely stood out as different, like the stepchild of the plays.”

“Paganini” was the first play where Brodess’ role was the head director. He said working on this play has meant a lot to him, especially with all that has happened to the theatre department this year.

“This year has been kind of topsy turvy with having a director leave in the middle of the year,” Brodess said. “It meant a whole lot to see the group come together as a team.”

Encore is having a public performance of “Paganini.” The performance will be free, but also accepting any donations.

“It’s the chance for us to do one last performance for the public, and it’s also to recognize the seniors of that group.” Brodess said. “[Paganini] was fun, was comedic and was dramatic. I felt like we did a great job.”