Fusing with Fusion

Club forms to teach Bollywood dance


Photo courtesy of Vismaya Joseph

The Fusion club, founded by freshman Vismaya Joseph — with help from freshmen Junitta Sabu and Tania Baby — will be one of the new club additions next school year. Joseph plans to teach club members Bollywood dance moves and take them to participate in dance competitions.

Q: Where did you get the inspiration to create this club?

A: “We knew that there used to be a group called Ignite last year. It mostly consisted of seniors, so we thought that since we are freshmen, we could continue it for the next three years and teach our underclassmen to make it go on. Many of us have dance backgrounds, so we thought it would be really fun to incorporate that and create a club with that.”

Q: What will the club members get out of this club?

A: “We are also planning on having officers, so if they make a position, they will earn leadership skills. Our main goal for this club is to create a strong bond between everybody and we want them to leave the club feeling happy that they joined it.”

Q: What do students need to do in order to join the club?

A: “To join our club, you don’t have to have any dance experience. But we will hold auditions to see how they absorb the stuff, not just about their dancing skills.”

Q: What should the students know before they join?

“We will [also] be asking for money from [the members] and we will have a treasurer that will be handling it. The money will cover costumes and T-shirts. We also understand that there are see circumstances where people can’t afford to pay so we will also hold fundraisers and help around the community to gain money.”

Q: How do you want to see the club in the future?

A: “We really want our club to be more widespread throughout the school. [Since] it is an Indian dance club I feel like people are going to think that they can’t join because it’s Indian and will feel left out if they do join. That’s not what we want. Bollywood isn’t like actual Indian dancing, it has American influences too.”

Q: How much preparation have you done for the club for next year?

A: “So far we’ve made emails and sign up sheets so we can make an analysis of who’s joining. We are just trying to get a feel for what we will expect and, based on that, we are going to further plan the audition process and officer [elections]. We will have meetings during block lunch, but we are not sure which block yet. It depends on other club schedules and then Friday either A or B block. We are also going to create a Remind101 so we can notify people beforehand and [we’ve] decided that participation in competitions will be mandatory.”

Q: What are your goals for next year?

A: “Our goal is to have at least 20 people join the club. We are also planning on going to competitions since there are a lot of opportunities to participate in like India Night.”

Q: How will you guys teach these dances?

A: “This will be a part of the officer committee. For now we will set certain people out to be choreographers and they are going to meet each week and will learn it together. When they come to [the meetings] they can teach it to them. If that doesn’t work out, we also plan to have one choreographer who will teach [the dance] to a certain amount of people and then those people will be responsible for [their own] group.”