Toyota of Lewisville donates car for attendance-driven giveaway


Tenth through 12th graders will be entered into a raffle based on their attendance to win a 2016 Toyota Corolla donated to the school by Lone Star Toyota in Lewisville.

“The chance of winning a free car, that’s a pretty big deal,” Finch said. “It’s not like winning a piece of gum or a binder or a pencil that’s you know a car is a pretty big deal.”.

Student eligibility is based on perfect attendance and zero tardy record. Each nine weeks, a student with no absences may earn one ticket, for a total of up to four tickets in the year. For each semester of perfect attendance, a student can earn three tickets, totalling six additional possible tickets. Finally, a student may also earn five tickets at the end of the year for perfect attendance and no tardies, meaning a student who has perfect attendance for the entire year and has no tardies can earn a total of 15 tickets.

“We’re just excited somebody wanted to give a car away at the end of the year for free to one of our students who has good attendance and is not late to class,” Finch said.

Representatives from Toyota of Lewisville announced the drawing at the first pep rally of the year, and students are allowed to sign their name on the car until the end of the year. The car is currently parked in the teacher parking lot.

“With the wrap you can also put symbols on there that represent the school, and in this case they put the crest on there,” Finch said. “And so, they were just trying to drum up support for the program at the football game as well as at the pep rally and I think signing the wrap was a nice way to go.”

Ten students’ names will be drawn at the football Spring Game on May 24 to receive a key, but only one of the keys will start the car.

“If it helps one child come to school more frequently, then it [the car giveaway] was worth it,” Finch said. “I think it can be a motivator for some students, but to candid, other students it would not motivate them. But we are trying to do everything we can to improve our attendance and this is a great way to do that.”