Entr’Acte hosts first show

This year, Entr’Acte, the freshman theater class, performed its first ever show, A Tuna Christmas, on Dec. 15 at 7PM. The play was performed in the auditorium. Adult tickets cost $10 and student tickets cost $5.

The plot centered on the town’s annual Christmas Yard Display Contest, won 14 times in a row by Vera Carp. A mysterious “Christmas Phantom,” known for vandalizing the yard displays, has the contestants on edge. Among the subplots are Stanley Bumiller’s attempts to end his probation and leave Tuna and Bertha Bumiller’s struggle to hold her family together at Christmastime. Freshman Abigail Buscemi, who plays Bertha Bumiller, explained that A Tuna Christmas was a comedic show, and was a good chance to work on her country accent.

“For me, the most difficult part was making sure things were funny,” Buscemi said. “I feel like it is easier to do dramatic plays, so it was interesting to learn more about that kind of acting.”

According to Director Cory Broom, Entr’Acte is a lively bunch of freshmen with energy and excitement for their show.

“I liked the fact that it’s a really fun, country, Christmas show,” Broom said. “It’s got a lot of different, diverse characters. It’s been a fun experiment in characterization for the kids.”