Improv troupe presents Funny Side Up


Wingin’ It, Hebron Theater’s improv team, will present Funny Side Up this Feb. 2 and 3 in the cafeteria annex during B block lunch. Tickets are $1 per person.

Wingin’ It members have been working since September, meeting every Friday morning prepare for shows and competitions against other schools.

“I’m excited for the shows, but nervous because it’s a new environment,” Kahn said. “I think the success of the show will depend on the audience turnout and their response.”

Improv is played through a series of games, such as “Asides,” “Questions,” “Why Are You Late,” “Returns,” “Confessions” and many more. These games are designed to test creativity and quick thinking.

“My favorite thing about improv is feeding off of the audience’s energy,” Ghedi said. “If the audience is laughing a lot or having a good response, then it makes us have a better performance.”