Summer love for Europe

Students travel overseas with the geography department.


Photo by Kelley Ferguson

A group of 18 students and six adults traveled to various regions in Europe this summer, organized by AP world geography teacher, Kelley Ferguson. This was the fourth trip the social studies department had.

Students, along with two teachers and four chaperones, traveled to the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France and England.

“We were able to see a little bit of everything,” Ferguson said. “Venice was very interesting because it is very different from the rest of Italy. It was really fun in Amsterdam; everyone rides around in bicycles and you don’t see that here. Everyone had a really great time in Switzerland. We got to go up to Mount Pilatus and it was above the cloud line. It was really cool to go hiking.”

Out of the countries the students visited, Switzerland was most favored due to the scenery.

Switzerland was beautiful,” junior Savannah Werstein said. “The first night in Switzerland we were sitting outside looking at the mountains, where I felt like I was in a postcard.”

The main goal of the trip, according to Ferguson, was to get students prepared for future travel. During the students’ journey, they learned how to use public transportation, get around in an unfamiliar area and conquer language barriers.

“It’s a different thing to actually experience something rather than just learn about it in a book,” junior Taryn Abbott said.