Hawk Theatre Company performs “On Our Way to Broadway”

Junior Joseph Hoffman and senior Caleb Geddie perform Bottoms Gonna Be On Top. Hoffman played Nick Bottom, and Geddie played Will Shakespeare.

Junior Joseph Hoffman and senior Caleb Geddie perform “Bottom’s Gonna Be On Top.” Hoffman played Nick Bottom, and Geddie played Will Shakespeare.

The Hawk Theatre Company performed their fall showcase, “On Our Way to Broadway,” on Nov. 2 at 7 p.m. in the auditorium.

“Being in the fall showcase was a great opportunity,” sophomore Sameer Haq said. “We saw a large variety of talent that came from all across the school.”

The showcase was composed of individual performances that Hawk Theatre Company will perform for competitions at the Texas Thespian Convention on Nov. 15 -18 in Dallas. In addition, several other musical numbers were performed.

“I really enjoyed this fall showcase, because it really did seem like an actual show,” junior Jillian Piccolo said. “So many talented people were in it, and it was a lot of fun and a good opportunity.”

The show started out with juniors Caitlin Kresta and Kayla Kummerl, who hosted and did commentary of the show. The first performance was the Group Musical number consisting of senior Alyssa Biasatti, junior Olivia Kahny, sophomores Sofia Garcia, Elizabeth Reed, Zoe Boyd and junior Courtney Carroll who performed the song “Revolting Children” from Matilda. Next was junior Addie Thrower, who sang “Nothing” from A Chorus Line. The third performance was junior Harper Lee, who performed two monologues, one from Anatomy of Gray, and the other from The Good Times Are Killing Me. After Lee, Haq and sophomore Krishna Nair performed “One Jump Ahead” from Aladdin. The first act closed with senior Caroline Wagner, who sang “Still Hurting” from The Last Five Years.

“I think the fall showcase went really well,” senior Alexis Geddie said. “It was really fun to be thrown into a role that was unexpected. It was something that was out of the box for me, but it turned out really well.”

Kresta and Kummerl welcomed the audience back, and introduced junior Jillian Piccolo, who sang “Lifeboat” from Heathers. After her was senior Nick Woody, who performed two monologues, one from The Shape of Things, and the other from Jimmy the Antichrist. Next was sophomore Layla Cain, who sang the classic “There Are Worse Things” from Grease. Following her was another singer, senior Alexis Geddie, who performed “Maybe This Time” from Cabaret. Finally, the finale of the show was “Bottom’s Gonna Be On Top” from Something Rotten, performed by junior Joseph Hoffman and senior Caleb Geddie.

Several of the performances in the showcase will compete at the Texas Thespian Convention. Hawk Theatre Company will compete in and perform six individual events at the convention. Woody and Lee will compete in Solo Monologue, Wagner and Geddie will compete in Solo Musical, Hoffman and Geddie will compete in Duet Musical, and Biasatti, Kahny, Garcia, Reed, Boyd and Carroll will compete in Group Musical.

“The showcase went a lot better than anyone expected it would,” Hoffman said. “We had a good crowd, and all the performers really stepped up their game.”