School safety committee to hold block lunch event


Photo by Yusra Waris

A list of past school shootings surround the front entrance of the school. The committee took responsibility in creating this list to promote its block lunch event.

To promote awareness and take action regarding school safety and gun violence, a committee including principal Scot Finch and around 15 students is organizing a block lunch event, followed by an assembly, on May 31 and June 1.

“This is to call attention to this seemingly American problem of students being killed in schools by gunfire,” Finch said. “We want to see if the schools, the school district, the state and federal governments are going to put things in place to ensure that schools are safer than they are now.”

There will be a table set up by students in the cafeteria for discussions, voter registration and other information. Although Finch organized the committee, he said he wants the students to lead the event.

“I joined the committee because I feel like given all the school shootings in the past few years, schools are no longer a safe place,” junior Sanjana Yadav said. “I hope we can raise awareness about the frequency of school shootings and help do something to stop it. We organized a voter registration drive and we got more [than] 70 people registered. [We] also organized a table where students can come learn about gun violence in schools and have a healthy discussion about it.”