Choir to host winter concert Dec. 18


Photo by Katlynn Fox

The girls of the Belle Chanson choir practice choreography for “Candy Cane Lane” in class on Dec. 14. The song will be one of two that Belle Chanson will perform at the winter concert on Dec. 18.

Choir will host its annual Winter Concert on Dec. 18 in the auditorium at 7 p.m. Admission is free and DVDs will be available for purchase in the foyer.

The choirs performing are Concert Men and Concert Women, led by assistant director Nathan Ratliff, alongside Bel Chanson and Acapella led by head director Rachel Forester. The specialty groups are Harmony, a mixed show choir, and Hawkapella, an all-women’s show choir.

“You have this build up of all this work being put into each song,” choir vice president Cassie Simms said. “Then, being able to express it to people and show them the meaning behind the words and the music. It is really touching and very personal to me to get to do that.”

In celebration of 20 years of Hebron choir, Forester is incorporating alumni shows and songs at this concert.

“I sent out a Google form actually last spring to ask former students what songs stuck out in their mind,” Forester said. “We have about three songs in this concert that are former songs that we’ve sung in the Holiday Concert. And anywhere from a woman’s piece to a couple of mixed pieces.”

The choir will also be performing a student-led song called “O Come O Come Emmanuel.”

“It’s just our section leaders teaching it,” choir president Victor Doan said. “And I think as we’re slowly learning the process of [teaching] a choral piece, we’re kind of stumbling through it, but we’re starting to really get the essence of it, and we’re starting to come into our stride there… it’s a very unique arrangement.”

The directors have specifically selected music that has a wide range of style, language, rhythm, and energy to better exemplify the diversity within the school.

“It does take a long time for the directors to choose the songs that the students are doing because again, we want to challenge but not overload,” Forester said. “We want to again, show that kind of demographic of Hebron and all the varied cultures is represented in our music.”

The last song will be the “Hallelujah Chorus” by Handel. This is an opportunity for alumni to sing with their high school choir one more time. It’s a tradition Hebron has had since the opening of the school, that many students look forward to participating in as alumni.  

“I am going to come to every choir concert, I am going to sing the alma mater, and sing the Hallelujah Chorus,” Simms said.

All students, families and communities are invited to attend the concert.

“There’s a little bit of everything for everyone,” Doan said. “You’re bound to enjoy it. We’ve got a great variety of pieces. Everyone will enjoy something from it.”