Change jar: new year, new me

To kick off the start of the school year, students were asked what they’re going to change this year or what they wish to accomplish. Here’s what they said:


Sophia Solis, freshman

“I plan to be more organized, make better grades and be more focused in class. I plan to branch out a little more with clubs [like Key club, FCCLA, Student Council] and to interact more with others. I would really like to continue with theatre [Entr’Acte].”




Nicole Drewnick, sophomore 

“I plan to study a lot more and focus on school work. [Also] I play volleyball, and hopefully I can continue my career in volleyball after high school and get into a good college. [This year] I hope we can get to state again, have a competitive team, do well and play hard.”



Stacy Nguyen, sophomore

“I [am] going to study a lot more, be more organized, be more out there and try new clubs and meet new people. I would like to have all As this year, [and] next year I’m going to try to become a junior representative [in Student Council].




Edmer Banagas, sophomore

“I hope to have a lot of fun and be successful, [but] this year has me anxious. I want to get better at my instrument and [in] art. In orchestra, we have an art group for promotion, so I would like to be part of that.”




Cassandra Sims, junior

“I want to be more organized and take better notes so I can fully understand what the teacher is explaining. [I would like to] obviously get better grades, but also be involved in other activities. I want to continue with choir. I took art my sophomore year and I really liked it, but sadly I couldn’t take it this year or in my senior year, so I’ve been actively pursuing [it] outside of school, especially water color painting.”


Tracie Hicks, junior

“[I want to] do better in class and have fun this year. I’m going to try to be the best I can. I want to exceed in sports. I’m in football, track and basketball, and I want to focus on football [because] I’ve been playing since I was little and it’s the only thing I really like.”



Kameesh Thobani, senior

“I want to procrastinate less [since] I’m really bad at that. And to try to take part in my electives more, like theatre. [My goals are to] stay in the musical this year, hopefully get a lead role in one of the plays, get [my] grades up, just have fun and go to more football games. I’ve already started applying to UCLA, UT and other schools like that.”