I’ve always stood out in the crowd and been considered a “bookworm” or a “nerd” by my peers. I never took these words as something to be ashamed of, but quite the contrary. I love receiving those types of comments because they’re a huge part of my identity. I’ve enjoyed countless stories through a number of mediums such as novels, art, music, film, etc. I view the creativity of others as sacred and I hope that one day my creativity inspires people in the same way. I love this nerdy lifestyle and would never trade the connections I’ve made from it for conventional popularity and blending in with the crowd.

In this blog, I plan on sharing “nerdy” subjects such as ratings, recommendations and reviews of various movies, books and podcasts. I’m excited for the future of this blog and I hope it will inspire me to continue creating in a variety of mediums. Welcome to Nerdy by Nature.