Cross country to compete at Lovejoy on Saturday


Yasmin Haq

Coach Lana Soukup times the cross country times the team’s sprints. The cross country team practices every Tuesday and Thursday morning.

The cross country team will compete on Sept. 21 at Lovejoy High School at the team’s fourth meet of the year. 

Head coach Chris Capeau leads the student athletes in workouts and preparation for the upcoming meet.

“We train almost every day,” Capeau said. “We take a couple of rest days, but we work out, we go in the weight room, we make sure to do our stretching and treatment, we take care of our bodies, do ice baths, do our best to talk about what it looks like to be that caliber of athlete and get in the right mindset. We do a lot.”

Capeau said seniors Miguel Garcia and Gavin Welsh are two runners to watch out for this season, which extends until November or December depending on if the team qualifies to compete in nationals.

“Miguel Garcia has stepped up a lot,” Capeau said. “He’s a senior, but he’s just doing everything right. Gavin Welch is also a senior and this is his first year doing cross country. Those two just do all of the right things. They’re strong leaders as far as how they show up. They don’t just talk about it – they’re there taking care of their bodies, working as hard as possible and treating cross country like it matters.”

Despite the time and commitment, the cross country team is determined to set their own goals and aims to achieve them all season. Capeau has goals for the team’s future as well.

  “Obviously we want to be a team that always shows up and represents ourselves at the district, regional and state level,” Capeau said. “We want to always be competing to be the best that we can be. Beyond [those goals] is to get as many kids that would like to go to college and continue running.”