Girls basketball to face Coppell tomorrow


photo by Yasmin Haq

Sophomore Trinty Smith blocks junior Camille Thomas during practice in third period. The first district game was on Dec. 13

Girls basketball will compete in its first of two district games against Coppell on Dec. 17 at 6:30 p.m. 

“All the district games will be tough just because we’re going to be familiar with all of our opponents and they’re going to be familiar with what we’re doing, so we can’t take any games off during district,” head coach Lisa Branch said.

Last year, the team won against Coppell in both games. Because Coppell’s team has a new coach, Branch said their team will play aggressively, but she’s not sure what else to expect. 

“They have a new coach, so they’re going to have a new system,” Branch said. “That’s always [the] difficulty with a new coach because sometimes the returning players raise their game to the next level. So last year, [Coppell] was pretty good. The first game we played them at home and won, but the second game we played them at their place and it was pretty close, and I’m thinking it’ll be a close game this time.”

The team has some players out this season due to injuries. Senior and captain Daxia Melton is out due to a torn ACL. 

“We’ve played this whole season without [Daxia], and I think the players know their roles now,” Branch said. “[Daxia] definitely takes us to another level of playing, but the girls we have now have stepped up offensively and defensively, so the biggest thing we’re probably missing is leadership.”