Silver wings to perform spring show April 28-30


Sarosh Ismail

First lieutenat Isabel Amell puts her hand on her heart as the national anthem is sung at a football game. The wings have been preparing dances for the spring show since football season.

The Silver Wings will perform their spring show, “Highlights,” from April 28-30 in the auditorium. Tickets are being sold for $5 on the Hebron Silver Wings website.

“We have been preparing a lot [for the show,]” head sergeant Audri Fleming said. “Right after contest season, which ended in February,  we [began] working on every single dance since. [The show] showcases our talents. Normally in football season, we just do jazz and hip-hop, but during the spring show, we do ballet, tap and other fun dances that no one gets to see.”

After contest season, the Wings host an annual spring show for the school to finish off the year. The theme for this year’s show is “The Search.”

“Through movement and choreography, we are telling stories about what it is we are searching for or what others around us might be searching for,” director Anne Bowling said. “Here are some examples of what we are searching for: clarity, connection, memories, the light, power, a new beginning and a way out.”

The team has been practicing every morning before school and throughout the first period. The officers have also had separate practices to prepare for the show.

“We practice every morning at either 6:45 a.m, 7:00 a.m or 7:30 a.m,” first lieutenant Isabel Amell said. “This has been a whole thing since we started learning some of our dances during football season. We have just been practicing a lot and sometimes even after school. [Additionally,] dance officers have their own practices. A lot of time, sweat and hard work [have] gone into the preparations.”

Bowling said the team is excited for the show as they are able to do more as compared to last year.

“This group has also been affected by [COVID-19],” Bowling said. “In 2020, we didn’t have a show and [last year’s show had] limited performers and limited seating capacity in the audience.  I know they are so excited this year to return to normal. As their director, it’s great to see all they have accomplished over the years and how much they have improved from when they started as [eighth graders.]”

This year will also include participation from other organizations that did not participate prior due to COVID-19 protocols last year. 

“We invite everyone to come see our show,” Bowling said. “Our last performance on Saturday night is very hard on everyone. For some of these young ladies, it’s the last time they will ever dance again. I am just so proud they pushed through and made it to their senior year.”