Tennis to compete against Richland Friday after loss to Marcus


photo by Yasmin Haq

Senior Connor Willis practices after school with senior Amy Nam and freshman Micheal Harris. Tennis lost to Marcus 6-13.

Tennis will play against Richland after school at home on Sep. 14 after losing to Marcus 6-13 on September 11.

“We lost and it was a very close tournament, but we all competed very well,” senior Katie Snyder said.

The fall season for tennis is based around the team, as opposed to individual players as in the spring. The tournaments in fall determine the teams’ ranking in the district.

“As long as we win more matches than [the other] teams, we move up,” Snyder said. “We have set tournaments each week, so our ranking is determined on how we do against those schools. We’ve only lost two matches so far, so we’ll probably be third in the district.”

Snyder said she feels the team is more unified this year.

“There’s a difference in our team spirit,” Snyder said. “There’s a more of a positive feel on our team this year. We also have a lot of great freshman.”