Voltron’s second season is out of this world


Photo via Netflix

DreamWorks has successfully formed Voltron in the newly-released second season of “Voltron: Legendary Defender.” Bringing back the same charming characters six months later, season two dives deeper into the world of Voltron. After binge-watching all 13 episodes, Voltron has earned a spot in my favorites. The fact that DreamWorks released the entire season in one go makes the experience more enjoyable.  

Voltron picks up right where it left off on the Black Paladin, the last episode of the first season. In an attempt to flee the Galra empire after saving Allura, the five paladins of Voltron are separated, and have ended up on different sides of the universe. The paladins must focus on finding each other if they hope to think about facing Zarkon again. While split up, the paladins make new friends, and explore unfamiliar planets. After about one or two episodes, the paladins and Allura are reunited, and then continue to their mission to free alien planets from the reign of the Zarkon and the Galra Empire.

Like season one, Voltron season two had a nice flow to the episodes. I liked how most of the episodes had it’s own subplot, but referenced events from previous episodes. It was definitely easier to keep track of this show than others. Speaking of plot, I loved it. There was so many twists and turns in this season. Originally, Voltron hit some darker themes that I wasn’t expecting to find in a kids’ show, but it was engaging. When stories touch the darker aspects of life like death, sacrifice and betrayal, it makes everything more interesting. Luckily, season two exhibited these themes and answered some of the questions left by season one.

If season one wasn’t funny enough, then watch season two because it’s hilarious. Season two comes up with all sorts of comedic situations that add a lightheartedness to the show. I often found myself focused on a serious part of the show, only to be interrupted by one of the many scenes meant for comic relief. I commend Voltron on the wit, puns, and just plain weirdness that went into the making. The majority of the jokes are pretty ridiculous, or at least ridiculously funny.

The only thing that disappointed me was the fact that once again, many of the main protagonists didn’t get the character arc I was anticipating. Of course Shiro, the black paladin, got much more screen time than the rest because he is the leader of Voltron, not to mention his past is vital to the plot. But, I was expecting to see Lance or Hunk develop into something more than just comic relief. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case, and both of them are still the less important paladins, unlike Keith, who received a lot of importance. I wanted to see a little more distribution between paladins.

If you have already watched season one, then I definitely recommend you jump right into season two. There’s a gigantic twist at the end that will change everything, let me just say I’m expecting a season three. Overall, season two was mind-blowing, and makes me wonder what DreamWorks will do next.