Springing into style

With spring comes flowers, bright colors and a new wave of trends to save on your Pinterest boards and welcome into your closet. As sophisticated as sweaters and coats can be, they can limit style, especially as the weather warms up. The flexibility of jackets, tank tops, shorts and jeans, along with the unique patterns and colors, makes fashion in this season a refreshing change. Here we highlight three students who value spring fashion.


Senior Rashad Muhammad said he believes that clothing serves as an extension of oneself and gives the first impression of a person’s personality.

“[Fashion] gives me a good opportunity to show my inner self without talking to someone,” Muhammad said. “It’s one of the only things you can gather from [someone] by what they are wearing and how they present themselves.”

New styles are introduced every season, and Muhammad said he is inspired by anything in the media such as magazines, Pinterest and Instagram.

“I like following trends and seeing how the world hops on,” Muhammad said. “I just want to have fun with it.”



Senior Nandika Pati said she is also inspired by trends and styles found online on platforms like Pinterest. 

“I like bright colors, so I like to search through trends, and I just go off of that,” Pati said. “For the color theme, I just go with anything that’s bright and gives off happy vibes.”

Pati said she buys most of her clothing online through websites like Vetra and Pacsun, especially after stores were closed during the pandemic.

“I dress to make myself happier and more confident throughout the day,” Pati said.



Senior Madelyn Arriola said her style depends on her mood, and she wants to portray her confidence and comfort through what she wears.

“I really like to experiment with different styles, and I love to incorporate various colors into my clothing,” Arriola said. “Anything that looks good or that I want to try, even if some of my outfits don’t work, [is] something that I indulge in, which is fun. “

Over time, Arriola said her fashion has evolved to include a wide variety of clothing, accessories and styles so everything flows more cohesively.

“I feel like I have always had a really bold style, but I’ve never known how to channel it,” Arriola said. “Over the years, I have gotten better at matching pieces of clothing together, especially expanding the jewelry I wear and the different hairstyles I try.”