Star crossed through space

Star crossed through space

I love space films, and I like romantic, feel-good comedies that tug at your heartstrings, so I was feeling pretty excited to go see The Space Between Us.

The Space Between Us is a science-fiction romantic film, set in the near future. An astronaut is on the first mission to establish a colony on Mars, but discovers she is pregnant. She dies in childbirth, but the baby boy stays on Mars and is raised by scientists. When the baby, Gardner Elliot, turns 16, he is given the opportunity to return to Earth, but he may not survive Earth’s gravity. When it becomes clear he’s running out of time, Gardner sets out with Tulsa, his friend from Colorado, in an effort to see more of the world.

Gardner is played by Asa Butterfield, and he was fantastic. Gardner is a romantic but confused teenager. He’s confused about where he belongs in the universe, which is something most teenagers can relate to, though maybe not on a planetary scale. I like how this character truly tries to enjoy and understand the world around him.

Britt Robertson plays Tulsa, and right from the start, I could see this girl meant business. She’s the type of character whose motives you’re constantly questioning, but it’s obvious that she’s fiercely loyal to Gardner, sympathizing with him and trying to help him find his father.

Gardner and Tulsa both feel like outsiders. As their friendship develops from online to in person and eventually to having romantic feelings for each other, they help each other belong and fully begin to see their worlds together.

This movie wasn’t particularly realistic or plot-driven, but it was sweet, and definitely heartwarming. I recommend The Space Between Us to anyone who needs to be reminded about seizing opportunities, first love, destiny, and the good things life has to offer.